We work with award winning decorators and offer 10 different decoration techniques.

We Create Brands

Ever want a branded shirt, but was unaware of what a good brand should look like? We offer the consumer the opportunity to have their dream brand made into reality.

In this case, the client’s original logo thread count was massive and cost prohibitive, so we worked with the graphic designer to simplify. We kept it’s basic design and integrity, reduced the thread count and made it an affordable embroidery logo to showcase the brand.”

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HB Enterprises

This is an embroidery of our comapany logo. HB Enterprises takes great pride in their own work. This means that all of our clients recieve our very best services and products.


We have recently had the opportunity to help provide the famous hotel chain, Hilton with custom designed T-Shirt brandings. We hope that our continued performance shows our commitment towards our customer satisfaction.

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Beyond Stitching

If stitched logos are not to your satisfaction, we also have the option of creating brands of significantly different styles. Here is an example of a company which requested their logo be silk screened onto the back of a polo shirt. If you have a similar inclination for branded apparel, please send us an email.

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Die-Mold Transfer

Another option for branding would be our new logo application technique, the die-mold transfer.